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Do you offer any discounts?


We do offer discounts for veterans, our first responders, medical professionals, educators and seniors over 62.  Please let us know in advance if any of your guests have affiliation with the afore mentioned groups.  We genuinely appreciate the service and sacrifice of our community partners.


What should we expect upon arrival at the wineries? 

The winery will be notified of our pending arrival and we will escort you into the tasting room and leave you with the winery’s Host.  Virtually all of the wineries we recommend are wineries that we are members of and are very familiar with their wines, tasting process and signature experiences. Our top priority is to provide you the best tasting experience at the best Texas Hill Country wineries, at the best price! 

How much time do you think we need to visit the wineries?

Time at the wineries can vary widely based on the desires of your group. We have found visiting three wineries is ideal with one and a half hours at each winery.  A tasting will run from 60 minutes to 90 minutes, we also add a cushion to allow you to have a glass or share a bottle of wine, explore the winery, share a charcuterie plate or other snacks. We also provide a detailed itinerary for each group and try to be as flexible as possible. We strongly encourage our groups to have a full meal before the tour and can add either lunch or dinner to the tour or have a picnic lunch at those wineries allowing outside food. Expect to spend 6 hours at a minimum and we can go up to a maximum of 12 hours if you want to stroll around Fredericksburg, buy some local peaches, visit the Nimitz Museum, take a dip in President Lyndon B. Johnson’s pool, or have dinner at one of the fine dining restaurants in the area.


How do you choose your wineries?


Taste, taste, taste, my husband and I spend three days a week, (tour or no tour) pursuing the best wineries and restaurants along the Highway 290 Hill Country Wine Trail between Johnson City and Fredericksburg.  We simply love the wine, food and most importantly the people! This is our passion and we want to share it with you.  While there a large number of wineries in the area we are constantly and aggressively pursuing the wineries that utilize the best Texas grown grapes and produce the best Texas wines.  We ourselves are BIG red drinkers and Texas wineries have proven they can stand toe to toe with California’s best wineries producing French, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese varietals.

Can we bring food and

alcohol on the tour?

We will be providing snacks and plenty of bottled water for your group.  You are also welcome to bring food in the van and can also bring your own alcohol. Due to liability constraints we cannot provide nor serve our own alcohol in the vehicles, however, we do provide stemless wine glasses and a wine opener if you want to open a bottle during the tour.  I also strongly recommend that all guests remain hydrated and have something to eat before and throughout the tour, the tastings can really sneak up on you and it can be difficult to calculate how much you are actually drinking.  Virtually all of the wineries we visit have food options that compliment your tastings including pizzas, paninis, charcuterie plates and assorted snacks and some wineries do allow outside food.

Do provide bottled water or snacks during the tour? 

Yes, we provide bottled water and individual snacks that compliment your wine tour.  

What happens if somebody gets sick in the vEHICLE? 

Having someone get sick during a wine tour is a rare occurrence.  We make every effort to ensure our guests have access to bottled water and snacks to reduce the affects of alcohol that result in nausea and vomiting.  If an accident does happen there is a maximum $200 cleaning charge added to the end of tour balance. Remember try to have a one to one ratio of wine to water at least, one glass of wine then one glass of water.

Can we bring our dog?


At this point we are not allowing dogs on our tours with a couple of exceptions.  As always we absolutely will accommodate Service animals in accordance with State and Federal laws. In addition please contact us if you have an emotional support dog and need them to join you. Virtually all of the wineries we visit are pet friendly, however if you bring a pet it may require us to notify the winery in advance and limit your tasting experience to an outside seating area.  My husband is a 30 year veteran of the US Navy and we are keenly aware of the need for many our veterans to have their emotional support animals with them and we will make every effort to accommodate you. 

What is your cancellation policy?

While we can schedule a tour with as little as 24 hours lead time, we request a deposit of

50% of the tour cost  at least 7 days prior to the tour date to lock in your reservation date.  You can still cancel up to 72 hours for a full refund if needed, a number of wineries require full payment for a tasting with a 24 hour cancellation policy, 72 hours ensures we do not pay a penalty for a cancellation.  We are aware that all too often people will pull out of a group tour last minute and we need time to adjust if you need to cancel.  The longer the lead time we have will enable us to provide a very detailed itinerary and ensure we have reservations at the best wineries.  Saturdays are the most difficult to schedule and require the most preparation to guarantee we can book the best wineries and restaurants at the best times.

How do I reserve a tour date?


After you have confirmed your tour date with us via telephone, text or email we will forward an invoice for 50% of the tour cost.   We will provide a final balance at the conclusion of the tour.

Can we bring minors on the tour?

Yes you can bring minors, however, you cannot drink alcohol inside the vehicle if a minor is present. 

Do you provide San Antonio International Airport Service?


Unfortunately, we do not currently possess a San Antonio airport permit and are not licensed to pick-up guests there, however, we are authorized to drop off passengers at the San Antonio airport.

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